Premium Teak

Premium Teak Furniture, as is available from Goldenteak, is Teak Outdoor, Garden and Patio Furniture made to the highest standards.

  • Durability - Excellent - Premium Teak Furniture will last for virtually a life time
  • Quality - Goldenteak provides superbly manufactured products, using the best techniques for joinery, and the best materials
  • Style - Goldenteak's premium teak Patio Furniture Styles are simple but elegant and timeless
  • Maintenance - Teak Patio Furniture requires virtually no maintenance. You can leave it out in sun, rain and snow with no ill effects
  • Comfort - Goldenteak has comfortable designs, and we can work with you to point you to products that match your needs.

  • Teak Furniture is classic in its use and design, and timeless in its attractiveness. Trends may come and go, but Premium Teak Furniture is always desirable. Premium Teak Furniture will last for decades with minimal maintenance, and still be in style.

    Premium Teak Furniture starts with the best wood. Teak Wood is extremely highly rated because of its tight grain which eliminates splinters. Teak wood also has a high oil content which prevents it from drying out and getting brittle. The oils and silica in teak are natural pest resistants.

    Premium Teak Furniture also uses thick timber sections in its designs. Furniture Legs are thick, table tops are thick.
Thick Teak Table Tops from Goldenteak Teak Patio Furniture Thick Teak Timbers are used in the Table Legs of Goldenteak's Premium Teak Furniture
Thick Table Tops are standard in Goldenteak's Premium Teak Furniture Legs for Teak Tables and other Premium Teak Furniture are substantial in size.

In Premium Teak there is no fingerjointing in the long sections of benches, or chair legs or curved benches. Fingerjointing uses smaller lengths of wood fixed to each other to make a longer section. The finger joints are the weak points. Of course finger jointed wood is much cheaper - no longer Premium.

No Fingejointing in any Goldenteak teak Patio Furniture Products  Fingerjointed teak product from leading catalog compnay 
Clean Non Fingerjointed sections  Fingerjointing - well hidden in most cases 

Premium Teak Furniture is usually available with NO finish.  Some companies will advertise that the furniture comes with an oil stain (or melamine finish) for its protection. This is done purely to color the poor sections of the wood to the same color as good teak wood and pass it off as Grade A Teak Wood (see below).

Even within Teak Wood there are grades of wood depending on where the wood comes from in the tree and the age of the tree. Premium Teak Furniture is made with Grade A Teak Wood. Grade A teak wood comes from the heart of a tree, and has very few knots and discolorations. Sap wood is from the outside of a tree and is white or much lighter and has knots. The transition area where there is brown and lighter wood is called Grade B or C wood. Grade B or C wood is not as dense, not as strong or long lasting.

Premium Teak Bench Hyde Park from Goldenteak  Showing Bad Teak Wood and Bad Techniques 
Grade A Teak Wood with no fingerjoints Grade C and B Teak Wood

Grade A Teak Wood is very expensive. To make it stable Teak Wood is kiln dried to a low moisture content and then allowed to rest (settle). Once this is done, the wood will virtually never warp or crack.

Premium Teak Furniture couples Grade A Teak Wood with excellent manufacturing techniques. Mortise and Tenon Joinery with dowels is used when possible. Screw Joints get loose over time. Solid Brass or Stainless Steel is used for fittings. Strength or weight bearing joints could use galvanized steel bolts, if possible encased with blind dowels.

Mortise and Tenon Joint  Screws covered by blind dowels in premium teak furniture 
Mortise and Tenon Joint with Hole for Dowel  Screws are covered with blind dowels in premium manufacturing

Premium Teak Furniture is also made to drawings, using machines and jigs and fixtures (not cottage industry made). This ensures that all joints fit tight, that the pieces can be interchangeable. This also allows manufacturers like Goldenteak to ship the product flat pack assembled. The joints will fit well enough that  custom joinery is not required for each piece. Generally product that ships fully assembled is either easy to ship assembled (folding, stacking etc.) or is poorly made and needs to be assembled by an expert craftsman to "make it fit" during the assembly process.

Finally, all fittings used in Premium Teak Furniture are Solid Polished Brass or Stainless Steel. Both these materials resist corrosion compared to just steel or aluminum.

Teak Furniture can be timeless. Premium Teak Patio Furniture is a good investment. It will never go out of style - especially if you get premium quality in wood and manufacture at a reasonable price.

We Supply Premium Teak Outdoor Furniture and Patio Furniture to all of the US, including Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, New Hamphire, Florida, texas and others.